Any question regarding orders? Here are the possible questions you my ask.


1. Q : Do you sell to consumers ?
    A : No. We are a wholesale company that only sells to retail store owners with a valid retailers sellers permit.

2. Q : How do I open an account ?
    A : You must fax your company information including company name, address, telephone number, Fax number,
         and contact name. Also, copy of resale certificate.

3. Q : What is minimum order amount ?
    A : Order must be $100.00 or more.

4. Q : What is selling unit of measure ?
    A : Most of our items are sold pre-packed as 2S-2M-1L. However, few styles are pre-packed as 3S-2M-1L or 2S/M-2M/L.

5. Q : Where is your distribution center located ?
    A : Our distribution center is located in Los Angeles, California.

6. Q : I am located outside of California, how do I receive your merchandise ?
    A : Most of our shipping is done by UPS and FedEx Ground. For larger shipment, we can ship via trucking company.
         Customer pays for all shipping costs.

7. Q : How much are your merchandise ?
    A : For prices, please contact our sales department.

8. Q : How long does it take to receive merchandise once I place an order ?
    A : Once your place an order, it usually takes 1 to 3 business days to process an order.
         Depending on the area, UPS and FedEx ground takes approximately 3-8 business days.